Episode 3 Show Notes – Katie Kortman

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Katie is the artist, sewist, maker, and dancing extraordinaire who has taken the sewing world by storm. Katie can be found in bright clothes, bright lipstick and AMAZING dance moves.

You can also find her on Instagram at @katiekortmanart

Although she no longer runs Blue Eyed Freckle, it is a wealth of knowledge.

The Handmade Hustle is what catapulted Katie in this maker world.

Salida Skirt by True Bias

Kendrick Overalls by Hey June

Katie’s friend Jill of Independent Clothing Initiative.

The infamous paper wedding dress. The top is made with fabric but the bottom was created using leftover packing paper from Katie’s time at Anthropology.

Katies hand painted dress that won the Sew Frosting contest.

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