Episode 2 Show Notes – Jess of La Mercerie

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Jess is the owner of La Mercerie a modern haberdashery for today’s crafters, makers and artisans. They offer a curated selection of fabrics, yarns, patterns and notions to help you build a handmade wardrobe.

You can also find her on Instagram at @shoplamercerie

Jess stocks both basics such as her Chino Twill and Activewear but also sources more unique prints.

Community is a huge part of this business for Jess and she has made incredible friendships with fellow fabric shops, Threadbare Fabrics and Sewing Studio.

Jess learned to knit and sew at Fancy Tiger Crafts while living in Boulder.

If you are knitter consider joining Jess and Kjerste of Wax and Wool at Stitches West in a few weeks.

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