Episode 10 Show Notes – Amy of Amy Nicole Studio

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Amy and I just couldn’t have had a more fun time talking which is why you will notice her episode is the longest by far. I just loved learning about what brought Amy to this place in her life where she is a maker/sewist/pattern designer by day and a BBQ restaurant owner with her husband by night.

The more I learned about Amy the more I wanted to live in the small town in Texas with her and sew and eat BBQ together.

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Amy attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

To better apply the things she learned at FIT to the indie pattern market Amy took the Pattern Workshop course.

Amy’s first pattern was the Patti Pocket Skirt

The Year of Slow Sewing was Amy’s answer to the feeling that she was just sewing on auto pilot. Join in by using the #theyearofslowsewing


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