Episode 0 – An Introduction to A Coffee with Makers

Show Notes

On todays episode of A Coffee with Makers I am sharing an introduction to A Coffee with Makers.

The voice behind A Coffee with Makers is Kimberly Payne of Straight Stitch Designs. I am the owner, designer, blogger, shipping department and assembler of paper patterns. I am the epitome of a one woman show around here and I kinda like it that way.

Kimberly Payne | Straight Stitch Designs

Do you have a maker suggestion?

Is there a maker that you’ve been dying to hear their story, their why the reason that they do what they do? If there is, let me know. I want to hear who your maker is and I’ll reach out and hopefully they will want to come on the podcast with me.

You have a couple of ways to tell me. You can email me at info@acoffeewithmakers.com or you can DM me through Instagram at @acoffeewithmakers. And remember those suggestions of makers that you are sending me can be any maker. I have no requirements other than wanting to interview as many different makers as I can.

You can listen to this episode by clicking on play below, or subscribe to A Coffee with Makers podcast on iTunes,  Stitcher,  Google Play Music, Spotify or anywhere else you listen to podcasts, so you never miss an episode. If you enjoy the show, tell a friend about it! Thank you so much.

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